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eDare is a research project performed by Telekom Innovation Laboratories at BGU between July 2005 - July 2008. The goal of the project was to detect and tackle emerging ICT security threats propagating across NSP, ISP and enterprise communication networks. 

eDare includes a set of  interrelated sub-projects, each addressing different aspects of the challenges set forth by modern communication networks and applications.

eDare (I)

A near-zero-tolerance, multi-layered, threat detection and protection at the network level. 


In order to efficiently deploy eDare(I) monitoring and filtering facilities, this project studied the typical structure of NSP network and identify routers possessing the highest collaborative impact on the communication flows. Heuristic search algorithms were employed to find the locations having the highest Group Betweenness Centrality and thus produce cost-effective deployment of traffic inspection devices. 

Another important goal of the eDare (II) project was to develop user-friendly mechanisms for evaluation of detection and response systems such as eDare (I) in large-scale networks, prior to their actual deployment. The eDare (II) expert console, developed as the part of this project, includes a visual simulator capable of analyzing the impact of various attack scenarios and defense configurations on the status of a network, subject to constraints provided by the network security administrator.

eDare (III)

The purpose of the eDare (III) research project was to develop algorithms for analyzing communication flows between users, without compromising their privacy. Social Network Analysis (SNA) algorithms, developed in this project, analyze inbound and outbound traffic of e-mail (or other collaborative applications) users and pinpoint groups of users possessing the highest "social" centrality metrics. The traffic of these, most influential, users is analyzed by the modules developed in eDare (I) in order to detect new malware. The signatures generated by eDare (I) are then published across the protected network to all subscribed network filters.

eDare (II&III)

Deliverables of the eDare (II) and eDare (III) research projects were integrated producing a cohesive decision support system for optimal placement of net-centric defense systems for protecting Critical Infrastructure (CI) communication networks.

Currently the beta version of the eDare(II&III) Decision Support System for Placement of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Devices in Large-Scale Networks (PIDPS) can be downloaded here *.

* The software provided on this website is provided as is without any warranties.

Early Detection Alert and Response to eThreats (eDare): Project


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